about us

Manifacto is a private tattoo studio, art atelier and aparel shop, in Amsterdam North. We create art you can wear in your skin, on your body or hang in your house.
We aim to bridge the gap between tattoo and different creative disciplines, sharing ideas, promoting art and artists; to build a collaborative space where inspiration flows and develops.
Keep an eye on our website and socialmedia  for artfull events and the places we are going to be this year. see you there or in the shop.


Izhar Rott
Tattoo & Art

Izhar specializes in dotwork tattooing, geometric tattoos, ornamental tattoos & incredible realistic tattoos, in pure black, colour and black & grey and if you have an old tattoo you dont want anymore he can cover it up without trace.

Mariana Oliveira

Focusing on alternative materials and developing new techniques – through her art – Mariana explores the tension between modern life and the natural world.



Manon lightart Learning to Tattoo

Light Art Tattoo
The Tattoo Apprentice

As an apprentice Manon is learning all the tricks of the tattoo trade in Manifacto. She is a very talented young artist who will grow quickly and will be available for tattoo bookings very soon. Check out her artwork and progress!!