Manifacto Amsterdam is a tattoo studio and a gallery, located nearby the Tropenmuseum and the Rijksakademie.

As a gallery we are committed to contemporary art, with a program dedicated to young, emerging international artists. Currently in the process of finding our identity in the cultural landscape of Amsterdam.

We value the bond between art and tattoo, but still, the gallery has its own independent voice. We are looking forward to see you around!


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George Heidweiller & Joanna Latka

From the 6th of October to the 26th of November, George Heidweiller & Joanna Latka will be showing their work in our gallery.

George Heidweiller is a Dutch artist who currently lives and works in Amsterdam.
In his work he mixes collages, screen prints drawings and paints, creating complex mixed media with a vibrant colourful pallet.
He creates unique landscapes drawing from his numerous travels around the world. These urban landscapes are busy, noisy, energetic – there is a lot to see in his work – the neon signs, graffiti, aerials are clues to somewhere that can be anywhere, universal landscapes.

Joanna Latka, is a Polish artist who made Lisbon her home! Her work is highly expressive and she uses a variety of techniques such as printmaking, drawing and Indian ink.
`It’s impossible to tame the imagination of Joanna Latka. Her works are a life diary and a variety of one of the trends of expressionism. They are also both an existentialist question and an existentialist answer.
Her works depict everyday life, but nevertheless are able to raise unusual reactions. Standing in front of them we can feel the authenticity of the transfusion of emotions made by the artist.
She has exhibited worldwide and her work is part of many private and public collections.`
We are very proud to be hosting her first show in Amsterdam!

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What’s coming

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