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The second installment of Ilumina will combine works of art and design to shine a light during the winter months.

Albert Geertjes, Rui Weerkamp, Bass&Bop, Fijo Art, Roel Stels and Alex Anvil are the artists that will bring us a combination of techniques, media, shape and form that use light as their source, inspiration or as the final outcome.

Ilumina exhibition | Manifacto Amsterdam

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Manifacto Amsterdam is a tattoo studio and a gallery, located nearby the Tropenmuseum and the Rijksakademie.

As a gallery we are committed to contemporary art, with a program dedicated to young, emerging international artists. Currently in the process of finding our identity in the cultural landscape of Amsterdam.

We value the bond between art and tattoo, but still, the gallery has its own independent voice. We are looking forward to see you around!


Whats coming at Manifacto Amsterdam

What’s coming

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