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The 4th exhibition at Manifacto Amsterdam will be painting. We are hosting two artists that use bold colours in very distinct ways.

You are warmly invited to the opening party of the exhibition of Tim Hudson & Eduardo Rojo on Friday the 4th of August; there will be drinks and snacks.

Painting exhibition Tim Hudson & Eduardo Rojo at Manifacto gallery

Tim Hudson & Eduardo Rojo

The work of Tim Hudson leads us through a journey filled with surprises, delights and disruptions. His paintings are full of colour and incredibly dynamic. He uses tape and many layers of paint to create complex grids achieving a fine balance between the precise lines and the thick layers of bold colours.

“I like to play with the impression of space created by the freequency of light, the natural and synthetic discords, and the actual space that the layers of medium occupy. In which realm does colour exist? For the colour is not just a slick veneer confined to the canvas, but encroaches into the 3 dimentional space of the viewer.”

Eduardo Rojo is a Chilean artist that made Amsterdam his home some years ago.

His painting method is intuitive & automatic while using bold colours. The language is expressive and almost ritualistic, his spontaneous compositions express strong emotions.

Tim Hudson | Artist talk at Manifacto

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