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Momo Mercurious & Kevin Mallon exhibition opening

With talks by Hans Plomp & Marta Skvarchu

Opening reception: Sunday 25th August, 18:00 – 21:30

Exhibition will run from the 25th August to the 20th October


Momo Mercurious is a world wanderer. He is the author of the beautiful silver jewellery that we have for sale on our shop. For this exhibition he will bring a selection of his hand sculpted carvings and his latest jewellery collection.

“I want people to feel the intention that has gone into my pieces — that they are unique and designed with purpose, with passion, and imbued with life. They are amulets, talismans, power pieces designed to be heirlooms in the old tradition of solid hand-craftsmanship, rather than a mass-produced product.”

Kevin Mallon is an Irish artist currently based in our amazing city! He will be showing his latest psychedelic paintings.

“The initial concept is integral, the piece changes constantly and you might find different ways to bring it to life than you expected. It might take me a year of changes before I am satisfied with a piece, within that year you change and grow and generally this is reflected in the piece. So long as the changes are honestly reflected I am generally happy. The overall concept remains the same but the way it is communicated changes.”

Hans Plomp will be giving a talk “Art and Change”. He is a Dutch writer and poet. Together with fellow writer Gerben Hellinga, he was the driving force behind the rescue of Ruigoord from the demolition hammer. He is a well-known member of the Amsterdams Ballon Gezelschap.

Marta Skvarchu will give a talk entitled “Alchemy of embodying the mind”. She is a co-founder and a coordinator of Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands (PSN); a non-profit organization focused on advocating a safe use of psychedelic substances.

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Manifacto Amsterdam is a tattoo studio and a gallery, located nearby the Tropenmuseum and the Rijksakademie.

As a gallery we are committed to contemporary art, with a program dedicated to young, emerging international artists. Currently in the process of finding our identity in the cultural landscape of Amsterdam.

We value the bond between art and tattoo, but still, the gallery has its own independent voice. We are looking forward to see you around!


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What’s coming

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