Special announcement

Manifacto Amsterdam is moving shop from our great spot in the east to a new location in Amsterdam north!

After 3 years of fulfilling our dreams, putting our Love, time and soul in our baby Manifacto, time has come for a transformation.
Mariana and Izhar will continue as an exclusive private shop with a boutique.
We will continue organizing events in our cosy new location, but will be focusing on our Family, making art, designing and making tattoos 
as well as creating a jewellery and clothing line.

The new location will be an art hub, like it has been till now, where Izhar can concentrate more on his tattoo customers and art life 
and Mariana on her art. We will maintain the feeling of art, attention for detail and hospitality in an intimate atmosphere.

Izhar will work on a selective amount of dates a month. He will announce available dates soon.
Contact him on WhatsApp, email, via the website or social media.

Our beautiful team will be working in other shops in and around Amsterdam, it has been a blessing to work with and have them as Manifacto family. 
Please contact the artists personally for any enquiries. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

We will continue to host guest in our studio. Keep an eye on our social media or website to stay updated.

This is not an ending but a beautiful new beginning for us to evolve and spread our wings.

We will still all be working on the Commelinstraat until the 25th of January, then we will move to our new location. 
Opening shop mid-February in the North of Amsterdam just behind the ferry from Centraal Station.

Contact for the artist:
Alex Anvil -> link
Gien Amsterdam -> link
Rony Roy -> link
Dana (piercer) -> link
Kensho the II -> link
Joe Patasiwa -> link
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