Patricia Guarda & Shaun Herron

Manifacto opened its doors on the 3rd of February with an exhibition of works by Patricia Guarda and Shaun Herron.

The textile illustrations of Patricia Guarda take us back to our childhood. She combines natural materials, wool, silk and linen; with paint, thread and photography. Used freely but very precisely she tells witty, funny stories sometimes with a pinch of sarcasm. The process is almost as important as the work itself. Patricia Guarda dyes the fabrics, explores textures using different techniques and leaves the back of her works open to the naked eye… Intentionally showing the perfect imperfections of her process.

Exhibiting four oil paintings and eight original pencil drawings on high quality cartridge paper by Shaun Herron.
These drawings are a selection from his book FROM HERrON, a collection of 101 drawings nicely bounded in a striking hardcover book. A self-produced limited edition of 505 copies.
FROM HERrON is a beautifully crafted celebration of the female figure created from actual sittings with imagined settings.

Signed copies of the book are available at Manifacto Amsterdam.

Photos by EyeNancy