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Joe Patty-Sabandar

Meet Joe Patty-Sabandar from the Patasiwa Allane clan.
Master tattooist of the ancient spiritual skin work from the islands of Molo’uku (Melanesia/south west Pacific) called “eseu Pa’atei”.
Joe Patty-Sabandar is one of the last practioners in the world of this ancient warrior culture. His family is one of the pillars of the revival of traditional Pa’atei. 
Next to traditional and authentic work from Molo’uku he also makes contemporary Pacific fusion art/tattoos. Which are not traditional motifs from other parts of the pacific, as to not break any cultural and spiritual protocols from those islands. Joe works with traditional hand tools “Likata Hoha laha likata Tatu” made from native wood from his island and electric machines.
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Patasiwa Allane | Manifacto Amsterdam | Traditonal Pa'atei Patasiwa Allane | Manifacto Amsterdam | Traditonal Pa'atei