Piercing info

Piercing at Manifacto Amsterdam is possible on 5 days a week.
Wednesday till Sunday. 12:00 till 19:00.
No appointment is necessary, just come by and meet Dana our piercer

  • We do piercings from 12 years with a parent or legal guardian present. With a valid ID from both parties.
  • Clients who are at least 16 years or older must provide their valid ID for any service from our piercer.
  • We don’t use a gun (studex) system for any piercings.
  • We only use the needle, also on the lobes.
  • Lobepiercings are not done under 12 years old.
  • Intimate piercings are from 18 years old  must provide their valid ID for any service from our piercer.
    That also include the nipple piercing.
  • The piercer has to judge each client differently whether the piercing they want to put is possible for their body/anatomy.



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Before the day

Before getting a piercing, make sure you are well rested, have eaten well and are feeling relaxed.
Please arrive on time, so you have time for a drink and to discuss any details with your artist.
– We do not pierce people that are under the influence of any alcohol and/or drugs.
– We do not pierce pregnant women or woman that breastfeed.
– We do not pierce people under 12 years old.
– We recommend that you do not get pierced if you have any of the following: diabetes, haemophilia, chronic skin conditions, skin allergies, immune disorders, heart and/or vascular diseases or if you are using any anti-coagulant medicines.

Piercing Aftercare

A new piercing is comparable to a deep wound. Insufficient aftercare and or unhygienic treatment can cause wound infections and scar tissue. In case of sufficient aftercare it will take 4 to 12 weeks until the wound is fully healed. The piercer will hand out an aftercare form. Read this thoroughly. In case of some people scar tissue will develop after getting pierced.

Aftercare instruction

During piercing a deep wound is being created and this will need time to heal. How quickly this wound heals will depend on the placement of the piercing, the type of metal, the professionality of the piercer and the quality of the aftercare. In case of sufficient aftercare, it will take 4 to 12 weeks until the wound is fully healed. Simply put: the bigger or deeper the wound, the longer the healing process will take.

Wash the piercing (with exception of tongue-, lip- of mouth piercings) during the healing process twice a day with a mild, unperfumed soap. Dab the spot dry with a clean towel or tissue. Keep the piercing as dry as possible for the rest of the day.

Other things to pay attention to during the healing process:

  • touch the piercing as little as possible;
  • do not put cream on the wound and do not drop disinfectants on the pierced place (i.e. Sterilon® or Betadine®) (unless a doctor says otherwise);
  • make sure no hairspray, gel or other products come near an ear piercing;
  • do not wear bandages over the piercing (unless temporarily during sports);
  • do not wear tight or dirty clothing over the piercing
  • avoid (bubble)baths, swimming pools, sauna’s and steam baths;
  • never take the piercing out yourself.
  • In case of an oral piercing, pay special attention to the following:
  • avoid kissing and oral sex during the healing process;
  • brush teeth regularly, preferably with a saline based toothpaste and, if needed, use mouth water based on a chlorhexidine solution.
  • In case of an genital piercing, pay special attention to the following:
  • drink a glass of water approximately one hour before cleaning your genital piercing. This way you can clean out soap scum easier by urination. Soap in the urethra can cause a bladder infections.
  • protect genital piercings during sexual contact at all times with an extra strong condom (f.i. a condom for anal sex) or a dental dam.
  • Pay attention: straight after getting pierced, the skin can swell up and turn red. This is normal. However, do contact a doctor in case:
  • you are worried about the healing process;
  • within a few days after getting pierced you get sick of a fever;
  • physical complains such as itching and redness are not decreasing within 48 hours after getting pierced;
  • 24 hours after getting pierced you develop new complaints, or the current complaints increase;
  • If you would like to have the piercing removed during the healing process (i.e. due to complaints regarding outgrowth or rejection).