Previous Guests

Some of the guest artists that have been with us at Manifacto Amsterdam.

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Julia will be at the shop from 14 till 18 March.
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leticia | Manifacto Amsterdam

Her studio

05 November

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Durga tattoo | Manifacto Amsterdam

Durga Tattoo 
05/06/07 November

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Sean | Manifacto Amsterdam

His studio
05 November

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Sorin | Manifacto Amsterdam

05/o6/07 November

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El Dot | Traditional tattooing | Manifacto Amsterdam

El Dot traditional tattooing

Check out his work here

Bunga Terung | Monkey Tattoo Studio | Manifacto Amsterdam

Bunga Terung

Laura Fiorini Tattoo Artist | Manifacto Amsterdam Laura Fiorini

Chris Niessink at Manifacto Amsterdam | photo by EyeNancyChris Niessink

Durga Tattoo | Manifacto AmsterdamDurga Tattoo


Remis Tattoo | Manifacto Amsterdam

Remis Cizauskas

Rosie Edwards | Manifacto Amsterdam Tattoo

Rosie Edwards



Julie Paama-Pengelly

Art + Body creative studio

Brent Mccown | Tattoo Tatau | Manifacto Amsterdam Brent Mccown

Tattoo Tatau

Kensho the Second | Manifacto Amsterdam

Kensho the Second

Saitama Kensho Second

Rene Znidonis | Manifacto Amsterdam

Rene Znidonis


Pip Hartley | Karanga Ink | Manifacto Amsterdam

Pip Hartley

Karanga Ink

Lawrence Ah Ching traditional tattoo | Manifacto Amsterdam

Su’a Fuiavailili Lawrence Randus Ah Ching

Pat Morrow true markings tattoo studio | Manifacto Amsterdam

Pat Morrow

True Markings tattoo studio

Photos of Brent Mccown, Tenkiryu by EyeNancy. Photo of Lawrence by Diogo