“Prayer of the Shamaness” print poster – Sander Bos




"Prayer of the Shamaness" print poster by Sander Bos

Print on high quality poster paper. (250 grams MC Satin finish, A2, 420 x 594mm)

This piece symbolizes the cycle of transforming the minerals of the earth into creative energy. 
By balancing the feminine and the masculine (symbolized by the orange and blue flower), 
she lets her hands flow freely creating a golden sphere above her head. 
The deer antlers amplifying the energy, forming the bridge between the material and ethereal realms. 
Illuminating our world like a second sun. 
Let all beings experience the love, peace and harmony that I felt while creating this healing image.

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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 42 × 59 × 1 cm


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