“The gift of nature” print – Helena Arturaleza




The gift of nature by Helena Arturaleza
Size: 12.5 x 24.5
The sun has come out, beyond the shadow of my doubt.
Song of creation sang from the highest sphere.
Remember why you came here. Remember, your life is sacred.

Bathing in an ocean of love, Free and naked.
Giving thanks to the burning longing of the soul, to be complete, to be whole.

Body and mind aligned, wonder of wonders next to find.
Moonlight penetrates the pine cone, revealing the sight of the infinite, 
no longer alone.

My mother, my sister and my lover.
Dance with me, with me and my brother. We are one and each other.
May every creature, witness the gift of nature.

United we stand, on this holy Land. Here to dream ourselves awake.
Wake up from attachment and confusion.
Eye within, that's beyond all illusion.

Allow yourself to feel the rhythm of the cosmos and take part,
oh wild truth of the open heart.
An open path, to straighten the spine with life's essence.
Let go of the past so we may meet at the gate of presence.

Let the serpent flow up and the bird cirkel higher,
et the spark lit your unconditional love fire.

When love and truth are one and newlywed,
deeply rooted in the breath.
Then we may dance in the most profound grace.

Gift of nature, through time and space.
I bow to you and offer a mirror,
so you can see yourself and remember me.
In this image we will melt and be.


Helena Arturaleza Schotman | Manifacto Amsterdam Helena Arturaleza Schotman | Manifacto Amsterdam

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