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At Manifacto Tattoo Amsterdam, we work with highly skilled and experienced tattoo artists – Izhar RottAlex Anvil, Gien Amsterdam and Rony Roy also traditional tattoo artists Saitama Kensho The Second & Joe Patasiwa Allane . Each artist working individually using their own technique and creative approach, bringing a broad range of styles to our shop.

In 2018 Dana Dead Girl joined the tribe and her great piercing skills to our shop.

Throughout the year we host select guest artists and tattoo & art related events in our space.

Manifacto Amsterdam is fully licensed by the GGD Amsterdam (municipal health service) for electric, traditional tattooing and piercing: license #6375.
Check out the info, buy a tattoo voucher, have a look at the work of our artists bellow and get in touch to talk your tattoo and piercing ideas!

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Tattoo artists:

izhar | Manifacto Amsterdam

Izhar Rott

alex | Manifacto Amsterdam

Alex Anvil

gien | Manifacto Amsterdam

Gien Amsterdam

Kensho | Manifacto Amsterdam

Saitama Kensho The Second

Traditional Japanese Irezumi

piercinginfo | Manifacto Amsterdam

Patasiwa Allane

Traditional Pa’atei tattooing

Rony | Manifacto AmsterdamRony Roy

(& Piercing Apprentice)

Guest Artists | Manifacto Amsterdam

Guest Artists

Previous Guests | Manifacto Amsterdam

Previous Guests


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Piercing info

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Piercing Voucher

Dana | Manifacto Amsterdam

Dana Dead Girl Piercing