Thieu Smeets & Mariana Oliveira

On Friday, April 14 2017,  was the opening of the second exhibition at Manifacto Amsterdam – the works by artists Thieu Smeets and Mariana Oliveira, were on show until the end of May.

Thieu Smeets is a young visual artist from Amsterdam. Thieu grew up in an artist’s family, studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Thieu’s fascination for art and reusing possibilities of materials gives him an infinite playing field in which he creates images, objects and fantastic creatures. By using – among other things – old iron, bicycles and other found objects, collected by Smeets in the streets of Amsterdam, new forms emerge with deeper meanings, reincarnations and transformations floating between the tangible world and our transcendental consciousness. By constantly looking at what is already, Smeets depicts his personal ritual; a transformation – from image to maker, and from maker to image.

Mariana Oliveira, is a versatile artist from Portugal, she completed her studies in Fine Arts & Museum and Gallery Studies at Aberystwth University in Wales in 2009, and is currently living in Amsterdam. Mariana takes inspiration for her work from her surroundings, focusing especially on the balance and differences between modern life and the natural world. Oliveira makes her rust prints mostly using old, decayed metal and iron residues that print beautiful, unique textures and shapes on paper. The rust represents the process of decay, each piece evolves through disintegration and acts as an antidote to materialism, pollution and modern industry.

Photos by EyeNancy