Traditional Tattoo Exhibition



On the 29th of May it was the opening of the Traditional Tattoo Exhibition at Manifacto.

With this exhibition we brought the arts and artists together for an event that lasted one week. On the walls of the gallery was the work by Brent Mccown, Aman Durga SipatitiTenkiryu Honkehoriyoshifamily Tattooer and a photoseries by Nadja Ritter portraying the Mentawai tribes.

The opening started with the blessings of a cava cerimony guided by Lawrence Ah Ching, throughout the week there were live handtapped / hand poked tattooing by the artists mentioned above, Remis Cizauskas and our resident artists were be present too. There were several live feeds on fb and instagram for those to watch at home.

We met the amazing Maori crew – Julie Paama-Pengelly, Taryn Beri, Jerome and Pip Hartley – they brought us the MĀORI Music + art salon

And later we screened the documentary by Rob HenryBUI Mareureu BAAP, As Worlds Divide, and raised money to support the Indigenous Education Foundation.






Photos by Diogo Ol

Photos by EyeNancy