Traditional Tattoo Exhibition

Get ready for our next exhibition!
We will be presenting artwork by Brent Mccown, Aman Durga Sipatiti, Tenkiryu Honkehoriyoshifamily Tattooer and a photoseries by Nadja Ritterportraying the Mentawai tribes.
The works will be in Manifacto from the 29th of May till the 31st of July. All works will be for sale.
This time the opening on the 29th of May will be an event of proportion with an opening ceremony in Maori style and live handtapped and -poked tattooing by the artists on show, Remis Cizauskas and our resident artists wil be present too. There will be several live feeds on fb and instagram so you can get up close to everything.
We still have a few surprises that we will announce in this event !