“Manifacto is a family business that aims to create a platform for artists, craft makers and art lovers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between tattoo and different creative disciplines, sharing ideas, promoting art and artists; to build a collaborative space where inspiration will flow and develop.

We are driven by positivity, by a sense of belonging, a cosiness that will echo in the atmosphere at Manifacto – a place where we can grow together.

In our art gallery there is a new exhibtion every two months, showcasing the work of emerging contemporary artists. See what’s is coming here and the artists that have exhibited with us in the past here.

In the boutique we sell only handmade art, crafts, jewellery and anything that inspires us.

We consider tattoo an art form. Representing our resident artists as well as guest artists, who specialize each in their own particular style of artworks and tattooing, we hope to open up the tattoo world to a wider audience.

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Photo By EyeNancy Photography

Photos By EyeNancy