We are not just tattoo artists or craft makers. We are Artists that work in different media. We draw, paint, make sculptures, we explore different materials and techniques.

Check out the art of Mariana, she makes rust prints, mushroom sculptures, etchings, bracelets and once in a while also paints.

Besides tattooing, Izhar Rott makes paintings, etchings and beautiful drawings. He is constantly evolving and exploring psychedelia be-it oon skin art, paper or canvas!

Manon is our tattoo apprentice, but before learning skin art, she worked hard at her own style on paper and canvas.

Rob Rott is a multi-talented multi-skilled artist. He works with wood, metal, glass, makes bows and arrows and even digeredoos! When you come by our tattoo studio, you will find his work all over the place.

Mariana Oliveira

Izhar Rott

Manon Light Art

Rob Rott

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