Izhar rott tattoo

Izhar Rott Tattoo, has been tattooing in Amsterdam for more than 10 years. Izhar works in different tattoo styles, from geometric tattoos, realistic tattoos to black & grey tattoos and also ornamental tattoos.

Tattoo Design: a creative process

Designing a tattoo is a full creative process – just like music.

By studying different cultures, styles and patterns from tribes all over the world, Izhar developed his own unique style. 

This is evident in his tattooing and in his creative process. In his tattoo art Izhar Rott works with realism, with sacred geometry and with ornamental tattooing. Sometimes standalone, sometimes combined, eventually resulting in unique tattoos.

Check out his Art works here and his instagram here.

Cover-Up tattoo or Regrettable tattoos

If you have a regrettable tattoo, Izhar has a lot of experience in cover-up tattoos, he can make magic on your old and ugly tattoo!
A lot of people have a tattoo they regret. Maybe it was not a design made for you or it was the wrong tattoo for a lifetime, notwithstanding what made you regret your tattoo, there is always a solution with a beautiful cover-up tattoo.

Izhar Rott is open to any tattooing ideas and can help you design a beautiful tattoo that will fit your body perfectly.