tattoo info

Tattoo design & general info

Our Team of tattoo artists will create a custom/unique tattoo design based on your requirements. Please bring an idea and tattoo placement, the tattoo artist will then discuss the details of your tattoo, advise you and come up with a final tattoo design. Please bring or send any photos, drawings or objects that can serve as an inspiration to work from, you can also email your tattoo ideas to us or WhatsApp directly at 0031648539311.

Duration, price and number of sessions required for your tattoo, vary according to design and placement and the tattoo artist will discuss this with you when making your tattoo booking.

A non-refundable deposit is required to book your tattoo.
Cancellation/change of date notice must be given at least 15 days before the booked tattoo appointment: contact us or WhatsApp your Tattoo Artist directly or send a WhatsApp to Izhar Rott at 0031648539311.

Before the day

Before getting tattooed, make sure you are well rested, have eaten well and are feeling relaxed.
Please arrive on time, so you have time for a drink and to discuss any final tattoo details with the tattoo artist.
Bring relaxed, confortable clothes and do bear in mind that some splatter might occur, so do not bring your best clothing.
We do not tattoo people that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
We do not tattoo pregnant women, come and get tattooed after you had your baby!
We recommend that you do not get tattooed if you have any of the following: diabetes, haemophilia, chronic skin conditions, skin allergies, immune disorders, heart and/or vascular diseases or if you are using any anti-coagulant medicines.

Tattoo aftercare instructions

During the tattoo process the skin gets pierced by very small needles resulting in a wound. If you take good care of it, your tattoo should take about 4-6 weeks for to heal completely, although your general health, physical condition and how you take care of it afterwards also influence the healing process. Your tattoo artist will inform you thoroughly about the aftercare of your new tattoo and will answer any questions that you might have.

  • Once the tattoo session is completed, your tattoo artist will cover it with a professional protective transparent film (skin care tattoo film) – LEAVE IT ON FOR 24 HOURS.
  • After 24 hours, gently remove this protective layer under the shower while spraying it with warm water (this softens the glue that holds it to the skin and makes it easier to remove).
  • Do the following steps immediately after removal of the film:

Treat the uncovered tattoo as following:

  • Wash it twice a day in lukewarm water with a mild, unperfumed, PH neutral soap.
  • After washing the tattoo, gently pat dry with a clean towel – do not rub!

During the healing process:

  • Touch the tattoo as little as possible and only if you really must, make sure this is always done with clean hands.
  • Small scabs/flakes will form – this is normal – do not pick these, they will fall off naturally.
  • It is normal that during the healing process, the tattoo will itch – do not scratch it.
  • Wear clean, loose clothing and avoid wool or synthetic fabrics.
  • Make sure the sheets you sleep on are clean.
  • Do not cover the tattoo with plasters nor bandages.
  • Baths, swimming pools, saunas, steam and bubble baths are not recommended during the healing process.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight or tanning beds.
  • Avoid that the tattoo is touching/resting on non-clean surfaces, use a clean towel over the surfaces (sofa, table…)

Remember that the end result of a tattoo is also the result of the aftercare you put into it. Treat it well and according to these instructions and you shall have a beautiful and long lasting tattoo. Any doubts or questions, do get in touch with us: +31 648539311 or info [at]

The tattooed skin will stay sensitive to sunlight for quite some time, and avoid strong sun for the first year. Always apply sunscreen after – and only after – it is completely healed. Strong sunscreen is specially advised for colour tattoos.

Contact your doctor in case of extreme redness, swelling, bleeding, discharge, pus, colour changes, pain, or if you have any worries about your tattoo.

Terms & conditions

Article 1         Definitions
Article 2         Applicability
Article 3         Own responsibility and risk
Article 4         Invoices and payment
Article 5         Liability
Article 6         Assurance
Article 7         Applicable law and competent court
Article 8         Provisions
Article 9         Final provisions

Article 1         Definitions

  1. Manifacto Amsterdam (hereafter: ‘Manifacto’): an according to Dutch law founded sole proprietorship which has as a goal to apply tattoos and to conduct other cosmetic treatments. The general partnership is established in Amsterdam. Manifacto is registered in the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 88727076.

  2. The client: the individual or the legal entity, who provides the command to Manifacto to apply a tattoo or to conduct another cosmetic treatment, equally the one who is treated by Manifacto and/or the one to whom Manifacto delivers products and/or services.

  3. The agreement: the agreement between Manifacto and the client to deliver products and/or services included is the application of a tattoo or the conduction of another cosmetic treatment.

  4. A cosmetic treatment: to put cosmetic products in contact with one or more parts of the human body surface.

  5. Cosmetic products: substances and preparations which are meant to be put in contact with the multifarious parts of the human body surface (epidermis, body hair, hair, nails, lips and external genital organs) or with the teeth, molar teeth and oral mucosa, with the exclusive and principal purpose to clean, perfume, revise and/or change the appearance of these parts or to protect or keep these in good condition on account of art. 1 Cosmetic Products (Commodities Act) Decree 2011.

Article 2         Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable to all propositions, assignments and agreements between Manifacto and the client regarding the delivery of products and/or services by Manifacto.

  2. Applicability of terms and conditions from the client is rejected.

  3. Agreements that differ from these terms and conditions are solely applicable in the event of Manifacto agreed in writing or coincided in writing. Such matters are exclusively valid for the assignment(s) and/or agreements to which they have been declared applicable.

Article 3         Own responsibility and risk

  1. All assignments that the client receives from/at Manifacto, will be provided under the responsibility of and for the risk of the client

  2. By assigning the task of applying a tattoo or conducting another cosmetic treatment at Manifacto, the client declares to be familiar with all possible consequences of the application or treatment, including medical, psychic and social results. It is known to the client that the body decorations applied by Manifacto will never be removed entirely or in a cosmetically appealing manner.

  3. By assigning the task of applying a tattoo or conducting another cosmetic treatment to Manifacto, the client furthermore declares to be in good health, that he does not suffer from any form of allergy, haemophilia, diabetes, immune disorder, skin condition or otherwise and is not infected with blood-borne diseases (such as HIV, hepatitis A, B or C or otherwise) and that his/her treatment also can not influence the health of the employees of Manifacto or third parties in any manner.

  4. The client answers for having reached the age of 16 years and the decision of applying a tattoo or another cosmetic treatment has been a well-considered decision.

  5. Manifacto will not apply a tattoo or another cosmetic treatment to:

  6. Persons who have not reached the age of 16;

  7. Persons between the age of 16 and 18 without consent of their parent(s) or legal representatives and;

  8. Persons who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

  9. Manifacto has the right, before applying a tattoo or conducting another cosmetic treatment to ask to show a legal identification, to make copies of it and to store it.

  10. All texts and numbers that are needed to apply a tattoo need to be monitored and checked by the client in advance. Possible errors in the texts and numbers are entirely for the risk of the client.

  11. Manifacto has the right to decline assignments.

Article 4         Invoices and payment

  1. Invoices of Manifacto are claimable fourteen days after the invoice date and have to be paid without suspension or clearance. All (extra) judicial measures and costs in relation to the recovery of claims are at the expense of the client.

  2. In case of an assignment to Manifacto for the application of a tattoo or conduction of another cosmetic treatment, the client pays in advance of the assignment an amount of €50,00 to €300,00 deposit to Manifacto, this is non-refundable.

By derogation from the clause 1 of this article determined, are the invoices of Manifacto that concern the application of a tattoo or the conduction of another cosmetic treatment after completion of the assignment instantly claimable.

Article 5         Liability

  1. By providing an assignment to Manifacto, the client acknowledges that Manifacto has an obligation. Manifacto will provide to the best of their ability to reach the intended result. Manifacto can never guarantee that the intended result will be entirely reached.

  2. Manifacto is not liable for not or not entirely reaching the intended result nor for damage that may occur as a result of:

  3. A treatment or;

  4. Failure to comply the correct after-care by the client after a treatment or;

  5. Extreme sports or slimming by the client after a treatment or;

  6. A breach of trust between Manifacto and the client during a treatment;

  7. Unless it is stated that the damage was due to intention or gross negligence.

  8. In case of, while execution of the assignment where there is understood that the not, not in time or not entirely execution, there is an unexpected occurrence leading to liability, then this liability is limited to the amount that Manifacto charged for the concerning providence of products and/or services to the client.

  9. Every right to compensation is excluded when the client, after the damage has developed, has not immediately taken appropriate steps to limit the damage respectively or to prevent more or other damage, as well as, has not as soon as possible provided the relevant information to Manifacto.

  10. Manifacto cannot be held responsible for damage done on clothing and/or other possessions of the client.

Article 6         Assurance

  1. Manifacto applies the Hygiene directive for tattooing which has been composed by the National Centre Hygiene and Safety – Landelijk Centrum Hygiëne en Veiligheid

  2. Manifacto uses exclusively colours and pigments which have been verified by and are under the inspection of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and the Commodity Inspection department (Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport en de Keuringsdienst van Waren), as it is stated in the Commodities Act of tattoo colouring (Warenwetbesluit Tatoeagekleurstoffen).

  3. Manifacto is a licence-holder of a licence for tattooing and is reviewed by the Area Health Authority – Gemeentelijke Gezondheidsdienst (GGD).

Article 7         Applicable Law and competent court

  1. On these terms and conditions and also all propositions, assignments and agreements between Manifacto and the client regarding the delivery of products and/or services by Manifacto, exclusively Dutch law is applicable, also in case an in the assignment involved party is established abroad.

  2. Disputes between Manifacto and the client, deriving from these terms and conditions and also from propositions, assignments and agreements between Manifacto and the client, will exclusively be judged by the Dutch court.

Article 8         Provisions

Should one or more individual conditions of these general terms and conditions or in an agreement between Manifacto and the client be or become unenforceable, it shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining conditions. Parties commit yet now as then to consult together about new conditions as replacement of the void condition(s) whereas the signification of the void condition is being held on to as much as possible.

Article 9         Final provisions

  1. These terms and conditions are not only valid for Manifacto but also for employees and helpers from Manifacto, as if they were realized by themselves. This condition can never be interpreted as any recognition that the employees or third parties for the execution of the agreement have acted on personal account.

  2. Individual working artists who rent and/or use a working space at Manifacto are responsible for their own terms and conditions and are not in any way able to appeal to the terms and conditions set up by Manifacto.

  3. For the application of a tattoo or the conduction of another cosmetic treatment, the client is asked to sign the consent form as well as the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions will be attached to the consent form.

  4. After the application of a tattoo or the conduction of another cosmetic treatment , Manifacto will always take a picture to capture the intended result. These pictures can be used by Manifacto at its discretion for its own advertisement.