Emily Ink & Earth

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We are very happy that Emily will join us from the 7th to the 11th of August!

Artist and world wonderer, Emily works as an illustrator, mural artist, and as a handpoke artist. She has spent the last few years learning the traditional art of bamboo tattooing.

Have a look at her work bellow and or any enquiries and availability, please contact her directly.

Also definately recommend checking her beautiful Art on her website and instagram. And if you fall in Love with Emilys Art and want to have it at home, visit the shop where there are originals for sale.

“I draw inspiration from nature. Human nature, mother nature, the cosmos and the connections between all of existence. I create as a form of meditation, and believe that art holds the essence and energy from the time of it’s creation. Because of this I always try to create from the heart, and hope this is visible to you.”