Right on Mountain tattoo

Jevin aka Right on Mountain tattoo, is an Amsterdam based tattooer, originally from California. He has been tattooing in Europe for quite a few years now.

Focusing on bold line tattoo and fine line tattoo work in black & black and red colour tattoos. Traditional Americana tattoo style is clear in his tattoo work… Jevin also spent some time tattooing in South East Asia and, this experience, coupled with his Indonesian background, helped form the Spiritual Old School visual language that is evident in his tattoo body of work. Jevin’s tattooing is a combination of his roots, his travels, his spirituality and a hint of old school psychedelia resulting in a unique, distinct and original style that manifests in the artistic language in any of Jevin’s creative endeavours: be it tattooing, painting, drawing and music.

Jevin – Right on Mountain Tattoo is open to collaborations and interesting tattoo ideas of all types within his style of tattooing…. To find out more about him, please check his Instagram @right_on_mountain_tattoo

He is a multi talented artist, check his psychedelic art and side project page on our website. And give a follow on his Instagram page @psychedelic_propaganda

Not only the visual arts, Jevin is also an accomplished musician, playing guitar in the band Temple Fang. Hopefully soon we all go watch them play live and move our dancing feet to their psychedelic rhythms.

Do check out their Instagram @templefang and their Bandcamp page

For any tattoo and art enquiries, please send an email to jevintattooage@gmail.com or via our website.


Peace within you