Rony Roy Tattoo

Rony Roy has been drawing and painting since a young age while growing up in Italy. Wondering what her life would be like as an adult, Rony Roy turned her passion for art into her aim in life. And so it made perfect sense to to begin  tattooing at the age of 18 in 2014.

Throughout the years, her fascination for Eastern and Asian arts and cultures grew deep. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of beliefs and religion such as Hinduism and Buddhism to mythology, spiritual and ritual elements that influence strongly her black/dark pieces of work. This is evident in her very defined and strong tattoo style.

Coming to the Netherlands from Rome – her home town, in 2016 to pursue and develop her career as a tattoo artist. Rony Roy is a strong woman, very determined and hard working. She has worked at Manifacto a few years ago and we are very happy to welcome her back as an asset to our tattoo artists Team!

In Amsterdam, she has worked in different shops, in new collaborations and art projects. This allowed ROny Roy to further develop her tattoo style that clearly reflects her passions and Love for Black work and Eastern Cultures.

In her own words: “my tattoos often represent a sense of strength combined with refined and spiritual beauty.”

Rony Roy is on Instagram and also has a page for flash designs.

In Italy she guests at Ink Memory Tattoo Studio.

Please check out her art here. And if you want to book a tattoo session with Rony Roy, get in touch with her directly here, or email her